The question about the QUICC ENGINE microcode for freescale

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Wed Mar 12 11:20:25 EST 2008

Couple of thoughts, is that according to Freescale specs, the QE can only
support TWO 1000Mbit end points. And that is assuming RAW traffic, not
protocol layer processing. Since the 8360E has two QUICC Engines, that is
only 1000Mbits data per Engine. Are you intending to get 1000Mbits TX and RX
on each engine? I think in reality you will be capped at 1000Mbit aggregate
in the RX and TX. I could be wrong, but you might want to run that past a
Freescale FAE, do you have the name of your contact for your area?

This is assuming that you are running at the full speed of the MPC8360E, i.e
both QUICC engines probably pushing 500Mhz. You'll also need to probably be
running DDR2 RAM at MAX speed to achieve these rates, as each skbuf will
have to be dma'd out to external memory. All the early dev boards by
Freescale only used DDR1. As well you'll want to be sure your Coherent
System Bus <CSB> speed is as near max, i.e. 300-333Mhz.

What clock speeds / Frequency of chip are you using to test this?  As well
which driver are you using with this test?

As a HW designer for these boards and driver programmer I am just curious
what your HW is looking / configured like?



I want to realize the high speed TCP package on GETH of MPC8360E,I would
like the speed on both UCC1 and UCC2 for both send and receive TCP
package(big package) up to 1000M bits/sec, so the total internet speed is
4000M bits/sec for MPC8360E.

I tested the internet performance by IPERF test software with the condition
that the core cpu deal with the TCP package,without microcode. I config the
UCC2 down, config UCC1 to send package out to an server PC,no receive,the
speed for UCC1 just only sending package is about 300M bits/sec, and CPU is
100% used. This speed is so slow, is too slow. If I send and recieve at the
same time, the speed is much slower, if I make the UCC2 up, the speed is
much slower and slower.
I do not know how to incrase the internet speed for MPC8360E, somebody told
me, we must use the microcode for QUICC ENGINE.  

My question is that where can I download the microcode for QUICC ENGINE and
how to use it?  Whether or not this microcode can help me to realize the
4000M bits/sec for TCP package?

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