I2C device node on Sequoia (440EPx)

Vaupotic Marko marko.vaupotic at iskrasistemi.si
Tue Mar 11 18:50:52 EST 2008


I am using an AMCC 440EPx processor on "Sequoia" board with Linux 2.6.21
rc4. I am trying to use the i2c in the user-space
In my Linux config file (Sequoia default) I have:

I than added the "i2c-0" device in /dev (# mknod i2c-0 c 89 0)
When I run a simple program to open the device (provided by the
"dev-interface" file of i2c kernel documentation) it returns errno message:
"No such device".

I have tried to use the device number 1, 2, 3, 4 but with no luck.

Any suggestions what I  might be doing wrong?

Best Regards


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