Xilinx Temac link detect

Koss, Mike (Mission Systems) mike.koss at ngc.com
Sat Mar 8 01:29:35 EST 2008

Here's a snippet from a program I use to debug an ethernet driver that I
have using ioctl's. The ethernet ioctl interface is slightly different
from a "normal" ioctl in that it uses sockets and not a file descriptor.
The ioctl's I use are added to the ioctl interface in the driver, using
the defined device-specific range (that was supposed to disappear in
2.5.x or 2.6.x). With this I read/write my phy register's to test out
the interface between my TEMAC and my PHY. 

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#include <linux/sockios.h>

int main (int argc, char **argv)
   int   driver_fd = -1;
   int   cmd       = 0;
   int   res;
   char* buffer    = NULL;
   struct ifreq ifr;

   if (argc < 3)
      printf ("Usage %s <devname> <ioctl>\n", argv [0]);
      exit (1);

   driver_fd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);
   if (driver_fd == -1)
      printf ("Could not open %s: %s\n", TEMAC_DRIVER_NAME, strerror
      exit (1);

   memset(&ifr, 0, sizeof(struct ifreq));
   strcpy(ifr.ifr_name, argv[1]);

   cmd = atoi (argv [2]);
   if (SIOCDEVPRIVATE + 3 == cmd) {
      if (argc != 4) {
         printf("usage %s <devname> 35315 <phy reg>\n", argv[0]);

      ifr.ifr_ifindex = atoi(argv[3]);
   if (SIOCDEVPRIVATE + 4 == cmd) {
      if (argc != 5) {
         printf("usage %s <devname> 35316 <phy reg> <val>\n", argv[0]);

      ifr.ifr_ifindex = atoi(argv[3]) << 16;
      ifr.ifr_ifindex |= atoi(argv[4]);
   printf("Performing ioctl %d:\n", cmd);

   res = ioctl(driver_fd, cmd, &ifr);

   if (res == -1)
      printf ("Error from %d: %s\n", driver_fd, strerror (errno));
      exit (1);

   return 0;

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Hi Kevin,

I couldn't find any example laying around, so I took a shot at it based
on other non-network examples we had. I've not personally done it so
bear that in mind.

I have not tried to compile any of this, just stole parts for places and
pasted in.

Hope it helps,

#include <ioctl.h>

 	 * FD of the IIC device opened.
	int Fdtemac;

	struct mii_ioctl_data ioctl_data;	

	 * Open the device.
	Fdtemac = open("/dev/TBD", O_RDWR);
	if(Fdtemac < 0)
		printf("Cannot open the temac device\n");
		return -1;

	/* setup the inputs to the ioctl call */

	ioctl_data.phy_num = TBD;
	ioctl_data.reg_num = TBD;
	 * Read the phy register
	Register = ioctl(Fdtemac, SIOCGMIIREG, &ioctl_data);
	if(Status < 0)
		/* failure */
		return 0;

	/* results should be in ioctl_data.val_out I think


>From the temac linux adapter, a snippet showing the the ioctl function.

xenet_ioctl(struct net_device *dev, struct ifreq *rq, int cmd) {
    struct mii_ioctl_data *data = (struct mii_ioctl_data *)

    case SIOCGMIIREG:   /* Read GMII PHY register. */
        ret = XTemac_PhyRead(&lp->Emac, data->phy_id,
                       data->reg_num, &data->val_out); }

from linux/mii.h

/* This structure is used in all SIOCxMIIxxx ioctl calls */ struct
mii_ioctl_data {
	__u16		phy_id;
	__u16		reg_num;
	__u16		val_in;
	__u16		val_out;

from linux/if.h

struct ifreq
		char	ifrn_name[IFNAMSIZ];		/* if name, e.g.
"en0" */
	} ifr_ifrn;
	union {
		struct	sockaddr ifru_addr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_dstaddr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_broadaddr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_netmask;
		struct  sockaddr ifru_hwaddr;
		short	ifru_flags;
		int	ifru_ivalue;
		int	ifru_mtu;
		struct  ifmap ifru_map;
		char	ifru_slave[IFNAMSIZ];	/* Just fits the size */
		char	ifru_newname[IFNAMSIZ];
		void __user *	ifru_data;
		struct	if_settings ifru_settings;
	} ifr_ifru;

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I figure I could write a C program to talk to the ioctl in the TEMAC
driver and read the PHY register.  Does anyone have example code for
talking to network ioctl's?


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