Xilinx git tree, LLTemac driver

John Linn John.Linn at xilinx.com
Wed Mar 5 01:21:53 EST 2008

Hi Magnus,

I just applied the change to the git tree for getting the mac address from the board data and it looks like I should have taken into account the powerpc arch also as I was building and testing ppc arch.

It looks like #ifndef needs to be added around the use of the __res for copying the mac address from the board data so that it doesn't do that in the powerpc arch.

#ifndef CONFIG_OF
	memcpy(ndev->dev_addr, ((bd_t *) &__res)->bi_enetaddr, 6);
	memcpy(pdata->mac_addr, ((bd_t *) &__res)->bi_enetaddr, 6);

The #ifndef may also be needed around the extern for __res.

I'll test these changes.


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I'm trying to compile the Linux kernel from the Xilinx git tree
(linux-2.6-xlnx) and am having some trouble with the LLTemac driver, having
to do with MAC address settings. 

There seems to be two routines getting the MAC address in different ways.
The xtenet_probe function tries to access an extern bd_t __res, the type
bd_t doesn't exist in the powerpc tree which causes the compilation to fail.
Then there is the xtenet_of_probe function which uses of_get_mac_address.

What confuses me is that both the regular and the OF driver is registered in
the xtenet_init function, I would have expected it to be either/or. 

Can I expect under the powerpc arch and supplying a .dts file, that the
xtenet_probe function will never be called? 

Best regards,


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