Xilinx PowerPC

Michal Simek monstr at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 3 05:25:00 EST 2008

Hi All,

> http://git.xilinx.com/gen-mhs-devtree.git contains two utilities for
> generating device trees from EDK projects.  The older option is a python
> script, originally written by Grant.  The newer (and probably more
> mature at this point) option is an EDK BSP generator for u-boot,
> originally written by Michal Simek.  Preferably this gets passed from a
> uboot, although it's also possible to compile it into the kernel.
> Currently, the uboot option is somewhat annoying because there's not a
> good surefire way for getting uboot up and running on an EDK design.
> (Unfortunately, the EDK BSP generator is incomplete, and the uboot
> support for virtex needs some work to get it integrated as well).

U-BOOT part will be removed from EDK generator. The new name will be only
fdt_v1.00.a. I have prepared separated version for FDT generation and for U-BOOT

Steve: You can remove U-BOOT part from generator. This part is useful only for
Microblaze cpu.

Michal Simek

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