No output from SMC1 console with the 2.6.26 kernel (8xx based board)

Scott Wood scottwood at
Wed Jul 30 05:39:01 EST 2008

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 10:36:30PM +0400, Matvejchikov Ilya wrote:
> Have you tired to run 2.6.25 kernel? With my console works
> fine! I suspect there is something like a regression....

Did you use CONFIG_PPC_CPM_NEW_BINDING in 2.6.25?  It became mandatory in
2.6.26.  Also, try commenting out cpm_setbrg() calls in case the
frequency is not being set properly.

2.6.26 introduced the allocation of the CPM2 SMC parameter RAM area; what
did your device node look like in 2.6.25?  What happens if you use that
device tree with 2.6.26?


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