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Fri Jul 18 21:13:14 EST 2008

My problem is explained here...

While creating the new XPS project using Base system Builder:

Step 1.

New Project->Base System builder Project-> Create a new XPS project using
Base system Builder->Browse system.xps project from "ml403_emb_ref_ppc_81"
directory and overite it.

Step 2.

I am selecting "I would like to create the new design"

and then

Board Vendor "Xilinx"

Board name "ML403"

Board version "1"

Step 3:

I just click "Next"

Step 4:

I am selecting the Processor Cloclk Frequency as "300Mhz"

Step 5: Configuring the IO interfaces

Here is my problem.

In RS232 UART I am having the only 2 option


2. XPS_UART16550

If I use the same base system builder (ml403_emb_ref_ppc_81) with other
version of the EDK tools (like 8.1iSP2, 9.2iSP2). and repeat the same steps
I am able to see the options like


2. OPB_UART16550

3. PLB_UART16550

Do you have any idea on this Why it is not getting displayed on the
EDK10.1iSP2 version?


Naresh Bhat
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