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Brian Silverman bsilverman at conceptxdesign.com
Fri Jul 4 06:12:23 EST 2008

Thanks for your response...

Leon Woestenberg wrote:
>>   - is binary compatible with the PPC405. 440, and Freescale 85xx cores.
> binary compatible? You mean it can build binaries for those cores?
What I meant (but said poorly) was that it has pre-compiled binaries.  
But its fine if I can build it under cygwin.  And I am thinking that I 
may drop the cygwin requirement, because its painful to do linux builds 
under it.
> My preference is to use OpenEmbedded and do so under a Linux host
> system (any will do).
> As I don't want to be tied to a certain host OS, Emdebian or
> Gentoo-Embedded are no-go for me.
> I have used tools and rootfs systems like crosstool, buildroot, LFS before.
> There is also LTIB by Freescale, tried that?
I need to look closer at LITB - but I was guessing it didn't have PPC4xx 


Brian Silverman
Concept X, LLC

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