Linux on Virtex board with ARCH=powerpc

Peter Mendham petermendham at
Wed Jul 2 18:49:38 EST 2008


Peter Korsgaard wrote:
> Hi,
>  Peter> I now have a new and rather bizarre problem, which maybe you
>  Peter> or someone else has met before.  I have a simple FPGA design
>  Peter> with memory, a sysace and a uart16550 on an ML405 (I've put my
>  Peter> hardware to one side for the moment).  It works just fine.  If
>  Peter> I swap the uart16550 for a uartlite (remaking the kernel with
>  Peter> the correct device tree) I see all the boot messages and the
>  Peter> kernel seems to start OK, the root partition is mounted but
>  Peter> then I see nothing from /sbin/init.  This is the same root fs
>  Peter> that I was using with the uart16550 example I just mentioned.
> Did you remember to change your inittab to use /dev/ttyUL0?
Yes, I'm using a buildroot/busybox system and have changed inittab and 
securetty for ttyUL0.  From what I understand, initialisation lines in a 
busybox inittab that do not specify a tty at the beginning go out on 
/dev/console.  To collaborate this, if I set my hardware up for a 
uart16550 and leave the inittab specifying ttyUL0, I see the messages 
from the init scripts (which must be going to console) but then I 
messages (again on console I guess) saying that ttyUL0 doesn't exist.  
When I try things the other way round, I don't see anything at all (none 
of the stuff that I think is going to console) and it doesn't moan at 
me.  Which I guess means something is wrong with /dev/console?

-- Peter

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