which data structure keep IO information.

Barisa Kisku barisa.kisku at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 14:42:48 EST 2008

I have to port one customised layer 2 protocol stack and  read, write system
call to access devices in linux-2.4.
At the moment  this is ported in UNIX SVR2/4 operating system.this protocol
uses some common data structure,
i.e "user" in unix srv2/4, which keeps information such as
      u_error = return errorn code
      u_base = base address for I/O
     u_count = bytes remaining for I/O
     u_arg = argument to current system call etc.

so i need to store these information in linux-2.4 implementation for
implementing read/write system calls.so what is/are
corresponding structure in linux-2.4.i went through task_struct, fs_struct,
files_struct etc., but couldn't relate it properly.

Please help me on this .

thanks and regards,
Barisa Kisku
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