Help: I will port amcc yucca board to denx kernel ARCH=powepc directory.How to config dts file?

jie han jiehanca at
Wed Jan 30 11:11:35 EST 2008

Hi all,
I want to port amcc yucca board denx linux kernel from ARCH=ppc to ARCH=powerpc. I used sequoia.dts for yucca baord demo device tree file.
I set uart0 as follow:
            UART0: serial at f0000200 {
                   device_type = "serial";
                   compatible = "ns16550";
                   reg = <f0000200 8>;
                   virtual-reg = <f0000200>;
                   clock-frequency = <0>; /* Filled in by zImage */
                   current-speed = <1c200>;
                   interrupt-parent = <&UIC0>;
                   interrupts = <0 4>;

    chosen {
        linux,stdout-path = "/plb/opb/serial at f0000300";
        bootargs = "console=ttyS0,115200";

the other parts of dts file is same as sequoia.dts.
When I run kernel.the tlb entry setup is wrong,the physical addres should be 4f0000200,but kernel calcuate is 1f0000200.I know yucca dts file isn't can I fix it?Give me some advices,Thanks ahead,



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