Preferred GIT URL for arch/powerpc, and BINUTILS

Steve Heflin sheflin at
Tue Jan 29 09:46:47 EST 2008

At 02:30 PM 1/28/2008, Steve Heflin wrote:
>Josh, you're a life saver!!  Your GIT tree is exactly what I've been
>looking for. I have an AMCC440EPx based product that makes heavy use
>of all the devices embedded in the microcontroller. I'll be able to
>give that platform a very good testing.
>Now can you help me with BINUTILS?  What version do you use and can
>you point me to a decent GIT tree for it?  I tried to use version
>2.18 and the build blows up because it tries to "strip" a script file

Whoa! I spoke too soon.  Upon attempting a "make menuconfig" on the 
2.6.24-rc8 which I cloned from your git tree, I don't even SEE the 
powerpc architecture appearing!  What's up?

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