BDI Problems

Zhou Rui vancasperz at
Wed Jan 23 12:50:04 EST 2008

Hi, all:
I am using BDI2000 with PowerPC. Sometimes, when I try
to change configuration of BDI2000 for different
PowerPC boards, the configuring procedure may meet the
following errors:

root at laz:/home/zhour/bdi2000sw/bdisetup2007#
./bdisetup -v -p/dev/ttyS0 -b115
Connecting to BDI loader failed (-1201)

I also have tried /dev/ttyS1 and got the same result,
and I am sure there is not any other programs
occupying the serial ports. So would anyone give me
some advice about this?

Another problem is "PPC: JTAG instruction stuff
overrun" during debugging. For this error, I found an
explanation (
"When in debug mode the PPC4xx fetches normal PPC
instructions from the JTAG port. The error "# PPC:
JTAG instruction stuff overrun" is raised when the
processor stops fetching from the JTAG port, possibly
because the processor hangs at an un-terminated memory
transfer." The proposed resolution is based on the
modification of configuration file. However, I have
tried that but it seems to have no effect.

Best wishes

Best wishes

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