framebuffer swap endianess

Angelo s104259 at
Wed Jan 23 02:46:47 EST 2008

Hi, i'm angelo.

I have just create a framebuffer for an embedded system:
- powerpc (little endian)  with  a GPU (big endian).

I'm working on linux 2.6.22

When i try to execute Xfbdev, it starts but with wrong colors.
I need to swap the RGB format (RRRRRGGGGGGBBBBB) to BGR, respecting the endianess (GGGRRRRRBBBBBGGG).

I know that X loads with some ioctl, the principal settings through framebuffer.
But i'm not sure if framebuffer can inform it on the RGB format.

I also tried to change something on cmap, but nothing changes on display;

So, i hope you can help me. 

Many thanks.


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