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Sat Jan 19 09:33:59 EST 2008

I have two different boards: one with MPC875 running at 66 MHz cpu/66 MHz bus, one with MPC880 running at 132 MHz cpu /66MHz bus, I load the same kernel and root file system on both the boards that have only different u-boot(s).

If I do a ping on the MPC875 I get a round trip of 0.300 ms, while on the other one I get 0.900 ms, I expected the opposite.

Could be an issue with memory configuration? In the formula to calculate the PTx on the MPC885RM manual I used 66 MHz as "system clock" for the first board and 132 MHz for the second board. Probably this is a mistake because "system clock" should be the bus clock but how this can so adversely affect the ping round trip?

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