SV: Driver - HDLC 83xx QUICC Engine??

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at
Wed Jan 16 11:18:54 EST 2008

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> Ämne: Driver - HDLC 83xx QUICC Engine??
> All,
> Does anyone know of a project or existing driver for supporting HDLC for the
> MPC83xx or MPC82XX Freescale CPUs?
> Looking to run raw HDLC over various Ethernet or T1 links.
> -Russ

Me too. Perhaps not, I will be looking at presenting a Ethernet i/f to the kernel but
sending out HDLC frames containing the Ethernet packet. If you find/have anything
that helps me do that, send it my way please.


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