83xx, ucc_geth, kernel 2.6.23, IP-Config: No network devices

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Mon Jan 7 21:54:53 EST 2008

Ok, I am still stuck on this. 
Why isn't probe being called on any of the Freescale network device drivers?

I can see the Generic MII PHY Driver being registered.
The UCC_GETH and UCC_GETH_MDIO both being registered. 

An for fun, I even modified the Marvell PHY driver devices ID's to correctly
identify a National part that I am using, and I see this registering.

I would appear all the appropriate entries are in the .dts file
for each the different parts (mdio, ucc_geth, ucc_geth_mdio, phy0).

And yet still no probe functions get called for any of those drivers?

I need this to NFS boot, into the ELDK 4.1 file system.

Does anyone have an example of the 2.6.23 kernel working DTS files for a
Freescale 8360 that they are using NFS Booting for? Has anyone proofed this
out, or is everyone else using this as a module or driver that doesn't kick
until after the root file system is loaded?  

Alternatively is there something specific perhaps U-boot is populating in
the OF structure that is preventing my Ethernet phy from being recognized in
the linux kernel? Why are none of the probe functions being called?

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> Russell McGuire wrote:
> > 1) Is there some basic kernel feature I am missing? I have enabled
> > the GIGE UEC GETH driver in the kernel.  Perhaps a PHY LIB? Isn't
> > generic MII supported by default?
> >
> yes you will need phylib
> > 2) Is there something in the startup board files, that I need to add
> > to register my PHY like an of_put_node()? Again I have pretty much
> > copied the MPC8360E MDS board and it is starting, and defining the
> > par_io port already, except that my PHY ID <on the iC2 bus, is using
> > dev ID 0x01>. However, I don't see the probe function being called,
> > so I don't think this is a concern yet.
> I think you will need to write a driver for your specific PHY access to
> get it covered by phy abstraction layer.
> Generic mii thing is useful when it has access to phy regs somehow (live
> examples are some BCM phys that do not have specs
> available but the thing works using generic mii and standard phy regs).

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