How to do IO mapped Implimentation ???

Misbah khan misbah_khan at
Wed Jan 2 20:18:14 EST 2008

Till now i assume that Io mapped and memory mapped Implimentation are same
...the biggest doubt is How the two would remain the same ....If any of you
have worked on it Please share your experience with me ....

Misbah khan wrote:
> Hi all...
> I am writing a driver in which device port is mapped to CPLD and 8 bit
> data bus is directly connected from processor to CPLD. Read write on CPLD
> memory mapped (buffer/register) is required to control the device. This is
> now IO mapped to processor.
> I need to know whether i am right if i impliment like this :-
>          addr=ioremap(base_addr);          // Remap to Mem mapped address
>          outb(addr) and inb(addr);
> Please suggest me if i am wrong or there could be better solution to this
> .
> -----Misbah <><

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