Status of 5200B and 440 Kernel Support

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at
Tue Feb 26 07:01:42 EST 2008

Hi Josh,

thanks a lot for your answers!

Am 24.02.08 14:38 schrieb(en) Josh Boyer:
> > - MTD/NAND controller
> NOR flash works.  NAND needs some additional code.

Hmm - does it mean it's currently under development?  I couldn't find  
anything in make xconfig for stock 2.6.24 (running on a PowerMac, but  
of course with the 44x enabled).

> UART works.  IIC has recent patches.  No idea about SPI.

SPI is probably not too hard.  I did some hacks for a slave in an  
arm920 based environment for that.  Here I would need master mode, so I  
guess some of the infrastructure form drivers/spi can be used.

> > - local external bus (not PCI) DMA
> DMA to the EBC for what?

To load data from an external measurement device which should be  
connected to the cpu's external bus at a fixed address.  It will  
produce "bursts" which should be shifted out of it without cpu  
intervention if possible, as it does not have a big fifo, and I must  
not lose data.

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