TQM5200 2.6-denx SM501 voyager enabling problem.

Pedro Luis D. L. carcadiz at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 22 22:29:45 EST 2008

I'm working right now with a TQM5200 microcontroller on a STX5200 board.
I'm having problems to enable SM501 video output using 2.6-denx kernel. The system is working properly using 2.4 kernel and I can have graphical output, so I can be sure that there's no hardware problem.
With 2.6 I have used the tqm5200_defconfig configuration file and then I have enabled the following features in the kernel:
 - Device Drivers -> Multifunction Device Drivers -> Support forSilicon Motion SM501.
 - Device Drivers -> Graphic Support ->  Support for frame buffer devices.
 - Device Drivers -> Graphic Support ->  Support for frame buffer devices -> Silicon Motion SM501 framebuffer support.
 - Device Drivers -> Character devices -> Virtual Terminal.
 - Device Drivers -> Character devices -> Support for console on virtual terminal.
But I still can't make the SM501 driver initialized at booting time and there's no framebuffer video device available. /dev/fb and /dev/fb0 nodes are already created.
I'm using 1.3.1 u-boot from denx repository compiled with  CONFIG_STK52XX=y and CONFIG_MINIFAP=y options, and video=voyager:fp options is passed to the kernel at booting.

I'm sure there's something I'm missing to enable in the kernel. Maybe someone can sent me a hint. I would appreciate any!

Pedro L.

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