Xilinx PowerPC

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Thu Feb 21 17:58:51 EST 2008

    So when you have Xilinx under powerpc working, do we pull it from your
    git tree or the xilinx one ?

    Will there be an announcement ?

    How about a one paragraph getting started guide to moving a xilinx
ppc bsp to
    xilinx powerpc.

    Like  ?

    step 1).
             Generate a dts - gen-mhs-devicetree ?
             And pass it to through your boot loader to Linux ?
    Step 2).
             the code in arch/powerpc/???? is the devicetree equvalent to

    Step 3).
             device drivers need to change initialization/setup from
             ???? to ???
    Just something to give those of us with no clue, a small one to start.


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