Frustrated question with insmod

Bruce_Leonard at Bruce_Leonard at
Thu Feb 21 06:41:50 EST 2008

> Try to specify the addresses of the other sections listed by "cat
> /sys/module/my-mod/sections/:
>   add-symbol-file my-mod.o 0xcf030060\
>    -s .rodata 0xcf030354\
>    -s .data   0xcf030488\
>    -s .sdata  0xcf030488\
>    -s .bss    0xcf030519\
>    -s .sbss   0xcf03051c
> Wolfgang.

Thanks to all for the help.  What I've finally figured out is this: even 
though I know in advance what address my module is going to be loaded at, 
until the module is actually loaded the memory "doesn't exist", i.e., 
there's no entry in the page tables.  So I set the breakpoint at an 
address that doesn't have a translation and when I tell GDB to go it tries 
to access that memory, which doesn't exist, so I get the MMU error.  So 
I've figured out the problem is, but I'm not sure of the solution.  I 
think if I tell the BDI to use HW breakpoints rather than SW breakpoints 
it will probably work.

Again, thanks for all the suggestions, especially about how to get the -m 
option working for insmod.


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