Ethernet breakdown on a Yosemite evaluation board

Nicolas Genevrier Nicolas.Genevrier at
Wed Feb 20 00:00:19 EST 2008

Hello all,

I noticed an Ethernet blocking on a Yosemite evaluation board when we
are using both Ethernet devices (eth0 and eth1).
To reproduce the issue, I just telnet the board from a PC (PC1) through
eth0 and then telnet another PC (PC2) from the first telnet session
through eth1. Then I display a lot of characters on the last telnet
	$ for i in `seq 1 100000`; do echo "$i
aaaaaaaaaaa..(x160)"; done

After a while, transmission is blocked and leads to an rxde interruption
from the MAL.

Yosemite evaluation kit runs Linux 2.16.13 but I reproduced the issue
with our board running Linux-2.6.16 on a 440EP.
In Linux 2.6.16, the new ibm_emac driver tries to recover the error but
Ethernet remains very very slow even one day after the end of the
 I didn't notice any evolution related to this neither any discussion on
the topic. Sorry if I missed them.

I am working on the subject but an idea or related information would be

Thank you,

Nicolas Genevrier

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