Cannot mount root file system using nfs.

Wolfgang Grandegger wg at
Thu Feb 14 18:30:17 EST 2008

rakesh bk wrote:
> Hi EveryOne,
>    I am new to Xenomai , I have ported linux-2.6.14 to our custom board
> based on IBM750Cxe Iam unable to boot my kernel cross compiled with
> eldk-3.0 with
>    enabled xenomai support.If i remove xenomai and ipipe support the
> kernel boots correctly , but if i enable CONFIG_IPIPE I get stuck in the
> before  mounting the root file system  .

I already told you that Xenomai related questions are off-topic on this
list and that's why you do not get any help. Please subscribed to and
re-post on the Xenomai-help mailing list


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