Writing drivers for external IP cores

Marco Stornelli marco.stornelli at coritel.it
Tue Feb 12 23:35:08 EST 2008

A. Nolson ha scritto:
> Hi ,
>  I am going to start developing some IP cores for my virtex fx12 (ML403) 
> and I need to control them through my embedded Linux ( it is already 
> working in the ppc405 ).  I am a bit lost and I need some references for 
> developing drivers. In principle, I will start with something like a 
> GPIO. I think an example like a driver for controlling the push buttons 
> of my Ml403 will be enough. An example IP core for that will also be 
> also very helpful.
>  Any suggestion?
>  Thanks in advance
>  /A
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A good book to write device drivers is "Linux device drivers" 3rd
edition, it's free and you can download it freely from Internet

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