440EPX is not booting from 1Gb/128MB NAND flash

Nikhil Gautam nikhilgautam1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 11:36:17 EST 2008


I am trying to boot my board which is based on Sequoia 440EPX. The
only difference between my board and the reference board is that I
have a 1 Gb NAND flash ( NAND01GW3B2A) instead of 256Mb flash present
on reference board.

In U-boot I have changed the board configuration file to reflect correct specs.

 * Now the NAND chip has to be defined (no autodetection used!)
#define CFG_NAND_PAGE_SIZE	(2048)		/* NAND chip page size		*/
#define CFG_NAND_BLOCK_SIZE	(128 << 10)	/* NAND chip block size		*/
#define CFG_NAND_PAGE_COUNT	(64)		/* NAND chip page count		*/
#define CFG_NAND_BAD_BLOCK_POS	(5)		/* Location of bad block marker	*/
#define CFG_NAND_4_ADDR_CYCLE			/* Fourth addr used (>32MB)	*/

I have also changed the eeprom configuration word to

Is there any other place where some NAND configuration is defined?


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