[Virtex 4 PPC] Which Linux?

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Tue Feb 5 02:32:13 EST 2008

On 2/4/08, IngoM <ingo.maindorfer at ipm.fraunhofer.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> we develop a new laser-ranging-system and our hardware freaks have choosen
> the Virtex 4 FX 12 on the "AVNET FX12 Mini-Module". The system had to
> deliver the raw data via UDP (12 Mbyte/sec) and on TCP the processed data
> (about 6 Mbyte/sec). When you get the processed data via TCP then no data
> send by UDP.
> I'm confused by the following:
> 1) Hard-TEMAC vs. Soft-TEMAC.
> Avnet provide a demo for the module which using Soft-TEMAC. If I get it
> right this core has to be licenced. But when ther is a hard-TEMAC why pay
> for it?

Use the hard TEMAC.

> 2) Linux
> I'd like to build my kernel and filesystem myself. But which way to go?
> Using OE, buildroot, ELDK...
> Can you please provide some starting points for me?

I've got buildroot working; it's probably the simplest for building
from scratch.  ELDK works well too.


> 3) Boot-Concept
> The Mini-Module had only 4MB Flash. Is this enough for a root-fs?

It's tight, but doable.  You kernel image will be somewhere around 1
to 1.5 MB.  Depends on how big your application is.


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