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ASFAIK there where some changes and you have to get the irq with irq_create_mapping() or irq_of_parse_and_map()

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I used the linux kernel 2.6.10 with a processor MPC8548E. I wrote a driver for a device connected with the local bus. This device has an external interrupt. In the local bus driver I have used the macro MPC85xx_IRQ_EXT<X> to get the interrupt number and pass it to the driver and after that register the ISR. Now with a kernel 2.6.21 this macro isn't available because in the header file irq.h there is the option CONFIG_PPC_MERGE that disable those options. I think this problem is related to the migration of ppc code towards powerpc. I know that now there is the new device tree source file where I can add a device and its interrupt number  but I think in this file I should describe only the platform device, and this device is not a platform device. Then, how can I get now this  value? Is there some function to call? How can I perform this operation?

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