mpc8xxx_gpio.c on mpc8349e-mitx

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at
Mon Dec 22 20:02:33 EST 2008

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve DeLaney <onramp123 at> writes:


 Steve> We are currently working on LTIB toolchain, and are upgrading
 Steve> a GPIO driver on MPC8349E-MITX platform.

 Steve> This has taken us to the latest kernel
 Steve> we ran across a patch on ozlabs patchwork that looks like it should
 Steve> work for us, and we thank you first of all for the contribution.

You're welcome.

 Steve> The topic here pertains to how various distros are related
 Steve> Sorry for this basic question but it will help us better understand
 Steve> the best path for our development.

 Steve> in ozlabs patchwork Sep 21 08 is what appears to be the original
 Steve> implementation of GPIO support.
 Steve> In the denx git there is arch/powerpc/sysdev/mpc8xxx_gpio.c, so it looks
 Steve> like the ozlabs GPIO support made it into the denx distro.

More importantly, it's included in the mainline kernel
since 2.6.28-rc1

 Steve> mpc8xxx_gpio.c is not present in the distro. 
 Steve> But is is likely that mpc8xxx_gpio.c will eventually go upstream to

It is. 2.6.28 is scheduled to release any moment now.

 Steve> Just also curious what are the primary powerpc contributions,
 Steve> such as denx, freescale, others??

It's basically all over the map. I wrote the gpio driver and I'm not
involved with any of those.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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