Linux 2.6 frame buffer for XUPV2P

mingqian xilinx at
Sat Dec 20 14:51:38 EST 2008

Hi all, I have run Linux 2.6 from on my XUPV2P board. This vendor kernel version is 2.6.28-rc6. Currently, the uartlite and ethernet mac work ok, but xilinx frame buffer driver seems not working, as nothing is shown on the VGA monitor, and nothing related to framebuffer is shown in the serial output. I run fbset,  but it says fb0 not found.
The hardware framebuffer IP core I use is the plb_tft_cntlr_ref 1.00.d, which is a PLB master and DCR slave, and the  opb2dcr_bridge acts as the DCR master.
Can someone suggest where the problem might be? 
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