XUPV2P + EDK 9.1 + Linux 2.4

Juliana Su js084 at bucknell.edu
Sat Dec 13 12:26:53 EST 2008

I am familiar with that site. It is very useful; I have actually 
referred to it many times when trying to port Linux 2.4 to the XUPV2P. 
No luck, though.



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Subject: Re: XUPV2P + EDK 9.1 + Linux 2.4
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I have linux 2.6 running on the xupv2p with uart and ethernet. Also, I have linux 2.6 running with uart, sysace and ethernet. You can find here: https://rm-rfroot.net/xupv2p/ useful instructions to port linux 2.4 to the xupv2p board.

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