Is anyone using the C67x00 USB Host ?

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at
Fri Dec 12 18:14:58 EST 2008

   More info.

    there are 3 USB connectors on this board
    Host 1 - SIE1a
    Host 2 - SIE1b  
    Peripheral 1 SIE2a

    At the moment I do nto care about Peripheral 1.

    I am virtually certain A0 and A1 are not switched.

    with no USB devices plugged in
    The status port is returning a value of 0x30 if I read it
immediately after iomapping the device.
    It returns a value of 0x20 after calling c67x00_ll_init() and

    The instant request_irq() is called before a single subsequent  line
in the driver executes c67x00_irq() is called.
    at that point  c67x00_ll_hpi_status(c67x00); returns 0x20
     the remainder of the interrupt handle is called and the status
changes to 0x0 - and remains there.
    Howevr USB interrupts continue to occur until the kernel gets ticked
and turns them off.


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