XUPV2P update to kernel 2.6 fails

Jan Mueller jamuelle at ee.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 11 10:13:48 EST 2008


Thanks a lot for the answers!

Now I don't feel so alone anymore...

I finally got it to work. The problem was simple: I'm using an
uart pcore from openpcores. And this hardware requires some
changes to the ns16550 kernel driver... With those changes,
everything goes well! I'm happy about that.. ;-)

But... since everything seems to work now with EDK 9.1 I try to
use my XUP-board with the EDK 10.1

In EDK 10.1 there is no board definition file for my XUPV2P.
Right now I use the board file from:


Now I got even stranger bahaviour than before. When ever I try
to boot into a linux kernel, some arbitrary boot parameters seem
to appear. Like:

	Loading from 0x00004000

And after those messages the system hangs. (the real messages
vary from time to time)

I have to say that for the MemoryTestApp there seems to be no
problem.  It runs like a charm..

So now I'm wondering if anyone has a board definition file
usable for the linux kernel on the XUPV2P??

Thanks a lot for any hint!

Kind regards,

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 11:05:13 +0100, Joachim Meyer wrote:
> Hi
> I was setting up linux for teh XUP a few month ago. Both, older Kernels (with ppc and xparameters_ml300.h file) and new ones (with powerpc and device-tree) from the Xilinx git server worked fine for me, so yes, it should work.
> For more help you should say, what exactly you are doing, but maybe you have already found your error.
> Cheers,
> Joachim
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