some (MPC8313) Freescale patches not in latest kernel

Norbert van Bolhuis nvbolhuis at
Thu Dec 11 01:00:56 EST 2008

I'm preparing the latest (2.6.28-rc7) linux kernel for an MPC8313 based project
that's about to start.

Things seems to work great with the base 2.6.28-rc7 kernel. On our MPC8313E-RDB
the kernel boots without problems, ethernet (with eTSEC2/eth1) works and even
eTSEC1/eth0 has a 1gbit link. Most other peripherals seems to work as well, I never
really tried them though.

However, the Freescale MPC8313 BSP (and includes a few
patches which I believe I need and/or are useful, for instance:

These patches are not in the latest (2.6.28-rc7) linux kernel
nor in any of the powerpc devlopment trees
(e.g. git://
Of course users like me can simply check out the patches and apply them
if needed for the project.
Before I do that I would just like to understand why they're not in.
They're not MPC8313(-RDB) specific and they seem very useful to me.

Is it lack of time/importance ?

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