LocalPlus or XLB-Arbiter Problems, DMA, MPC5200, DENX' 2.4.25

Jean-Michel CAPITAN jm.capitan at ateme.com
Tue Dec 9 21:04:41 EST 2008

We have discovered we have the same issu you had on one of our systems.
Did you fix it on your side ?

We've got the following problem:

MPC5200CBV400 L25R Rev 2

Using the DENX 2.4.25 with FEC and ATA DMA, BAPI 2.2, Prios are set to

FEC 6/5 and ATA 4/3 (RX/TX). This causes the FEC task to interrupt the

ATA task (default).

We try to load both tasks by transferring data from the ATA disk to

the Ethernet, e.g. by using FTP.

At the same time we write to some peripheral on the LocalPlus from

within a cyclic timer tasklet.

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