i2c support for MPC 8247

Daniel Ng daniel_ng11 at lycos.com
Thu Dec 4 12:49:45 EST 2008


We were successfully using drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-mpc8260.c for I2C support on 
a MPC8247 in Linux 2.6.14.

Now, we are wanting to upgrade our embedded system to Linux 2.6.24.

However, in 2.6.24, the file i2c-mpc8260.c doesn't exist. There is a i2c-mpc.c 
but this doesn't seem to handle the MPC8247. This is because I get the 
following message when I try to access the I2C device:

"/dev/i2c-0: No such device"

Perhaps the i2c-mpc.c driver uses a different device node? There is nothing in 
the i2c-mpc.c file which specifies a particular dev node.

Is I2C supported on the MPC8247 in Linux 2.6.24?

If so, what is the appropriate driver file?


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