MPC8313 and Marvell PHY 88e1112

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Hi Carlos,

I am using the Marvell 88E6097 Switch connected to a Freescale MPC8323
and I am using generic PHY mode on the Switch/PHY chip. There is an
appnote somewhere that says you need to force the link up in the marvell
if you are connecting using the MII bus (on this specific Ethernet PHY

I done just that, and the MII bus came alive :-)


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I am working in a custom board based on a mpc8313erdb and my Kernel
version is 2.6.24. This board has a Marvell PHY 88E1112 on TSEC2
processor port. 

The problem is that the PHY is detected and configured, but no data can
be send or received. I am sure that dtb is fine. In another custom board
I have a 88e3015 on TSEC2 and it is working fine.

Did someone work with this PHY? Does Compiling gianfar and Marvell
support on Kernel is enough? 


Carlos R. Moratelli

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