FW: SKB corruption on heavy traffic

Franca, Jose (NSN - PT/Portugal - MiniMD) jose.franca at nsn.com
Wed Apr 30 23:03:02 EST 2008


	There was a sugestion to change slab to slub alocation method... I don't know quite well yet what is necessary to do this, but it seems that the current implementation of slub is more commonly available on 2.6 kernels, not in 2.4 that I use :(...
	Any guesses or hints on this?


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I think I have the same problem here with all versions of the 2.6.x kernel
series (tested with kernel v2.6.8/14/16/18/25 on a PPC7455 machine with
different PCI network cards by transferring a big file over NFS/SCP). Data
corruption occurs under high load, but I don't get any kernel oops.



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> >From our latest debugs we found that the problem occurs mainly on skbuff
> code. After some variable time kfree or kalloc result in kernel oops.
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> Hello!
> 	Thank you for replying!
> 	It't quite dificult to say if the problem exists without our
> changes, since the all software is dependent on this changes so to work
> with the hardware. I can't answer to that right now on that, but I forgot 
> to add one thing: we have ring buffer full problems on our fcc_enet
> driver from time to time. So, I think the problem could be on linux
> configurations (related to hw) because there is a lot of posts on the web 
> related to problems similar to this (none of them has really solved the
> bottom problem). 
> Regards,
> Filipe 
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> Subject: Re: SKB corruption on heavy traffic
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 07:39:07PM +0100, Franca, Jose (NSN - PT/Portugal
> - MiniMD) wrote:
> > 	We are developing a MPC8247 based telecom board (512MB), using
> > linux 2.4 with some proprietary changes on IP stack and we are facing
> > some problems when we have heavy traffic on our Ethernet interfaces...
> Do you see these problems without the proprietary changes, and with a
> current kernel?
> -Scott

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