Virtex4FX12LC hangs in calibrating delay loop

Stephen Neuendorffer stephen.neuendorffer at
Wed Apr 30 01:47:23 EST 2008

I think I've seen this happen when the boot code doesn't have the workarounds for the cache errata.  I'm not sure if that code ever made
it into grant's git server, but it's definitely is in the xilinx git tree at


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I meet the same problem as yours ,  have you fix your problem now ??? I am
keep trying !!!!

Thomas Glanzmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I used the HEAD secretlabs kernel and used ml403 defconfig. I still see
> no serial output from the _kernel_ on the serial console. But I do see
> output from the in kernel embedded boot loader "load_kernel". I typed in
> stop in xmd and got an instruction pointer which points to:
>         c00045a0 <__delay>:
>         c00045a0:       2c 03 00 00     cmpwi   r3,0
>         c00045a4:       7c 69 03 a6     mtctr   r3
>         c00045a8:       4d 82 00 20     beqlr
>         c00045ac:       42 00 00 00     bdnz-   c00045ac <__delay+0xc>      
> <<<<<<<<
>         c00045b0:       4e 80 00 20     blr
> So I guess it is the calibrating delay loop and I am not sure. I can
> reproduce
> this. It is always in this function. Now I wonder is my board missing
> timer interrupts? What could be the reason for this. And of course one
> much more important question:
>         - Is the serial console initialized before or after the
>           calibrating delay loop?
> Is there a way to get a backtrace out of this? If that is the case what
> do I have to do? Recompile the Kernel with frame pointers and attach
> gdb?
>         Thomas
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