UCD-SNMP 4.2.1 and SNMP v3

이명식 cpls at kmw.co.kr
Tue Apr 29 11:51:10 EST 2008


I am a engineer with KMW Korea.

I had tried with LoriotPro debugging tools and ucd-snmp version 4.2.7.
And I compiled win32 version of ucd-snmp version 4.2.7.
If you see the command prompt of the below picture, there is a "Verification failed" message with sc_check_keyed_hash routine.
And the key data is null.
I can't find why this has happened.
The real problem is that I supplied the snmp version 3 in ARM7 proceessor (STR710FZ2 with 256kbyte eeprom, 64kbytes ram, and 512kbytes external ram).
And there is no real-time OS in my processor as you guess.

Please give me some advice.
MyongSik, Lee.

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