XLlTemac soft lockup BUG

John Bonesio john.bonesio at xilinx.com
Thu Apr 24 04:45:28 EST 2008

Hi Kevin,

When the system locks up, does it get stuck in the FifoRecvHandler()

How many bytes are returned from XLlFifo_RxGetLen(&lp->Fifo) in that

You can try calling XLlFifo_Reset(&lp->Fifo); to see if that clears the
fifo. Though, I suspect that this wont fix the root cause of the problem
you're seeing.

- John

On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 11:09 -0700, khollan wrote:

> Hi,
> I have done some more digging and it seems like whenever the system works
> the command XLlFifo_IsRxEmpty(&lp->Fifo)) returns a 1 meaning that the
> RxFifo is empty.  I stuck this test in the xenet_open function right before
> the fifo interupt gets enabled.
> When ever this test comes back as 0 the ifconfig will get into the soft
> lockup I described above.
> Is there a function that empties out the fifo, I tried XLlFifo_RxReset but
> that doesn't seem to work.
> Thanks
> Kevin

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