stuck on update mpc834x based board from 2.6.20 to 2.6.21

Fathi Boudra fboudra at
Mon Apr 21 18:45:02 EST 2008


I've got a mpc8347e based board with a working 2.6.20 kernel and a dtb.
I wasn't able to boot on a more recent kernel (>2.6.20).

To update my config. I tried ppc and powerpc arch.:

a) make ARCH=ppc CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_6xx- oldconfig
then select 6xx/MPC834X SYS

b) make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_6xx- oldconfig
then select 83XX/MPC834X MDS

On each generated kernel, I'm stuck at:
Booting using flat device tree at 0x3c0000

For infos, I use ELDK 4.2, U-Boot 1.1.4 and always the same dtb.

did I miss something ?


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