Problems of using APU/FPU under linux

Shanyuan Gao sygao.research at
Wed Apr 16 04:34:15 EST 2008

Thank you, Yoshio!!

I just applied the change, seems it works! But it doesn't work  
correctly. I mean it won't give me traps any more, but the answer is  
not correctly. I just tried to multiply two float numbers. But it  
gives me 0.

The first time I change the reg.h was to enable apu enable, apu  
exception enable and fpu enable. It gives me answer 0.
The second try I did was enabling apu enable and apu exception,  
because I notice that inside /arch/powerpc/kernel/fpu.S, it will  
enable FPU in load_up_fpu. So I guess I cannot enable FPU all the  
time. However, this time it gave me trap again, well, with a  
different MSR.

Now my guess is load_up_fpu is not working correctly. I am working on  


On Apr 15, 2008, at 2:20 PM, Yoshio Kashiwagi wrote:

> Hi,
> The following modification is required if you use APU in user space.
> in include/asm-powerpc/reg.h
> Yoshio Kashiwagi - Nissin Systems
>> Thank you very much, Steve and John!
>> My advisor and I discussed how Linux works with APU/FPU a few days  
>> ago.
>  And he had the same thoughts with John. My naive guess was it would
> automatically decode FP operations and mask the trap. Now it  
> answers my
> second question. I will try it later.
>> But for my first question, I searched all (almost all) the files,  
>> such
> as head.S, entry.S, head_4xx.S, etc. And added following three lines
> before mtmsr or MTMSRD �are used
>> ori � � � �r10, r10, 1<<13 �/* enable fpu */
>> oris � � �r10, r10, 1<<9 � �/* enable apu */
>> oris � � �r10, r10, 1<<3 � �/* enable apu exception */
>> However the MSR in trap prompts keeps the same (2d030) before and
> after I added those lines.�
>> [�� 31.819079] Bad trap at PC: 10000458, MSR: 2d030,  
>> vector=800��� Not
> tainted
>> [�� 31.887027]�� Signal: 5
>> [�� 31.887042]�� Code:�� 0
>> [�� 31.887058]�� Addr:�� 0
>> Trace/breakpoint trap
>> I guess there must be some places, like some interrupts that changed
> the MSR that I didn't know. �
>> And for FP exceptions, it has two bits (two modes) in MSR. I think
> they are for such exceptions like divided by zero. Do I need to set  
> them
> also?
>> In my previous build, I also added PPC_FPU under config 40x in arch/
> ppc/Kconfig. It compiled arch/powerpc/kernel/fpu.S in, but didn't  
> help.
> I will try CONFIG_PPC_FPU later.
>> Shan
>> On Apr 14, 2008, at 2:32 PM, John Bonesio wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The Linux kernel itself doesn't issue floating point instructions
> other than to save and restore the fpu state when necessary.
>> In Linux, the way it saves and restores the fpu state is to make use
> of the trap. When the trap (fpu unavailable) occurs, it loads the fpu
> state for the current task, sets up the MSR, and returns to re-try the
> instruction.
>> So, getting the trap is normal. If the FPU is not being set up
> correctly, then there may be a problem with the restoring of the  
> state.
>> When you guild the Linux kernel, you need to have CONFIG_PPC_FPU
> enabled. Otherwise the kernel does not setup the fpu exception  
> handling.
>> - John
>> On Monday 14 April 2008 10:35, Stephen Neuendorffer wrote:
>> I'm not sure exactly what's going on here.� Generally speaking,  
>> if you
>> have the FPU instantiated in the design and enable the APU in the  
>> msr,
>> then the processor should decode FP instructions and send them
> directly
>> to the APU with no trap.� I haven't done this myself, or I could
>> probably give you some better help...
>> One thing you should be aware of is that the there are gcc compiler
>> patches which are necessary to get the FPU working properly.�  
>> However,
> I
>> don't think the failure mode that these patches workaround would  
>> cause
> a
>> trap, so my guess is that there is still something else wrong.
>> Steve
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>> Hi,
>> Recently I was trying to make APU/FPU working under Linux on Xilinx
>> ML410. The standalone programs work perfectly. However under Linux,
>> when I try to use a floating point operation, like *fmuls*, it will
>> give me a *trap*.
>> By studying the user guide from Xilinx and dumping the object files,
>> I know I need to change the corresponding bits (APU enable, FP
>> enable, maybe APU Exception enable) in Machine State Register. I
>> guess I need to enable the bits whenever before the kernel uses
>> *mtmsr*. However, it doesn't work. I got the same trap with the same
>> MSR, as I had no APU/FPU before. I also tried to add the FPU.S to ppc
>> tree, but it doesn't work either.
>> The questions are
>> 1. I guess there might be some place that changed MSR after all my
>> changes. But I don't know where. And can I write a kernel module to
>> change the MSR after booting in Linux? (well, it's hard for me  
>> though)
>> 2. Does it have any exception/interrupt mechanism to direct FP
>> operation to APU/FPU? Or after enabling APU/FPU it will mask the
>> exception/interrupt and decode FP operation by itself?
>> Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you very much!
>> Shan

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