io_block_mapping & ioremap question

Gutson Daniel-ADG035 daniel.gutson at
Wed Apr 16 02:25:14 EST 2008

	I'm doing some work on 2.6.10, and got this problem:
- there are some io_block_mapping calls in the setup_io_mapping
callback, that use the BATs, and passing same va and pa each one.
Problem arises later when vmallocs gets a a pointer within the mapped
ranges. In other words, seems like the VMM is not aware of the BATs

So what I did is: called first ioremap and then io_block_mapping in the
callback thus not hardcoding the va, something like:
	va = ioremap(pa, size);
	io_block_mapping(pa, va, size);

	1) Is it right?
	2) Should I unmap that address sometime later? (i.e. after


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