MVL Linux on MPC8560 Booting goes into infinite loop in early_init memset_io ( )

Deepak Gaur dgaur at
Mon Apr 7 16:49:26 EST 2008

Hi all,

While booting MVL linux on MPC8560 based board the kernel goes into a infinite loop in
setup.c. The uncompressed image is located at 0x00000000 and is booted from 0x00000000

bl early_init

unsigned long
early_init(int r3, int r4, int r5)
        unsigned long phys;
        unsigned long offset = reloc_offset();

        /* Default */
        phys = offset + KERNELBASE;

        /* First zero the BSS -- use memset, some arches don't have
         * caches on yet */
        memset_io(PTRRELOC(&__bss_start), 0, _end - __bss_start);

        __bss_start is 0xc039b00 and __bss_stop = _end =c03c7d90  _end

        Please anyone give me some pointers to understand this i.e use of PTRRELOC and
REASON BEHIND clearing area from __bss_start to _end - __bss_start even though lot of
symbols and functions are defined here(as per
c039b000 A __bss_start
c039b000 A __chrp_begin
c039b000 A __chrp_end
c039b000 A __init_end
c039b000 A __openfirmware_begin
c039b000 A __openfirmware_end
c039b000 A __pmac_begin
c039b000 A __pmac_end
c039b000 A __prep_begin
c039b000 A __prep_end
c039b000 B system_state
c039b004 B late_time_init
c039b008 b execute_command
c039b00c b panic_later
c039b010 b panic_param
c039b014 B Version_132618

c03c4458 B ic_nameservers
c03c4464 B unix_socket_table
c03c4464 B unix_table_lock
c03c4868 b auth_domain_table
c03c4868 b authtab_lock
c03c4868 b packet_sklist_lock
c03c4868 b rpc_credcache_lock
c03c4868 b rpc_queue_lock
c03c4868 b rpc_sched_lock
c03c4968 b ip_table
c03c4d68 b pmap_lock
c03c4d68 b pmap_stats
c03c4d90 b cache_defer_hash
c03c4d90 b cache_defer_lock
c03c4d90 b cache_list_lock
c03c4d90 b queue_lock
c03c5d90 b write_buf
c03c7d90 A __bss_stop
c03c7d90 A _end


Deepak Gaur

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