Xilinx LLTEMAC driver issues

Xiaochang Duan xiaochang.duan at xilinx.com
Fri Apr 4 02:42:50 EST 2008

According to C operator precedence ((http://www.difranco.net/cop2220/op-prec.htm), the following patch should not be needed as operator “<<” has higher precedence than operator “|”.


-    XLlDma_mBdWrite((BdPtr), XLLDMA_BD_USR1_OFFSET, (Start) << 16 | (Insert))

+    XLlDma_mBdWrite((BdPtr), XLLDMA_BD_USR1_OFFSET, ((Start) << 16) | 

+ (Insert))


Also FYI, the XLlDma_mBdWrite currently is defined in xlldma driver as:


#define XLlDma_mBdWrite(BaseAddress, Offset, Data)                \

            (*(u32*)((u32)(BaseAddress) + (u32)(Offset)) = (Data))


So I don’t understand why the patch could help.





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Dear all,

> The change with the extra parenthesis (in the patch starting with line 133) seems unecessary. I looked at the XLlDma_mBdWrite macro and it appeared to have the correct use of parethesis in the implementation.
> So, assuming there's nothing subtle that I missed, it's not needed. However, it does no harm either.

However it really helps after I tried this patch. So there should be some difference after it is used. 
One more question, does this mean that the problem is not on the hardware timing, but the device driver? 


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