Ethernet Jumbo Frames

Darcy Watkins DWatkins at
Thu Apr 3 08:32:21 EST 2008

Thanks for the comments...

I have hacked the IBM EMAC driver (Xenomai-2.3.0 Real Time Linux and got jumbo frames to pass back and forth between two such
embedded boards.  Checked it using ping, iperf and httpd / wget file
transfer with md5sum check.

Still have to clean things up a bit and do some more tests before I can
share it as a patch.



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Sure, it can be done.  The Xilinx 10/100 Ethernet drivers have jumbo
frame support in MontaVista/WindRiver Linux.  As long as both ends are
talking jumbo frames, works just fine.


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We've done it for our 2.4 based kernel that runs on a Freescale MPC8270.
10/100/1000 doesn't really make any difference. For us the trick was to
support receving jumbo frames in multiple RX BufDescriptors (because our
MPC8270 FCC eth driver pre-allocates 2k buffers per RX BD).
For transmitting hardly any changes were necessary.

 From linux (driver) standpoint there should be no problems,
the question is whether your ethernet MAC (IBM EMAC) properly supports

N. van Bolhuis.

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