u-boot ppc440epx bootstrap configuration without eval board

Dave Cogley dcogley at uslinc.com
Thu Apr 3 05:03:37 EST 2008

Disregard the boot strapping problem.  It appears we are hardwired strapped
to use option "C" however my CPU is not being recognized as a 667MHz.  Which
option should I be using for the 667MHz processor?




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We are using the new AMCC ppc440epx 667MHz chip and I am trying to get
u-boot to recognize the clock rate of the new chip (we were using the
533MHz).  I notice in the cmd_sequoia.c module that there is an option to
setup some sort of strapping in the configuration FPGA that was present on
the evaluation card.  We do not have this configuration FPGA present in our
production board.  Is there some sort of build flag I can specify to
"hardwire" this bootstrap information?  Or at least some I can tell u-boot
to startup with the 667MHz clock rate?  I believe we are using option 7 in
the configuration array for the "bootstrap" command.



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