Tiny login: user add command

pjmaiya pjmaiya at signal-networks.com
Fri Oct 19 15:23:01 EST 2007

 I am using montavista linux. Using TCT tool i have added package for user creation. I am having following problem
  a.. If I use tiny login package, I will be getting useradd binary but number of parameter are few like
 Usage: adduser [OPTIONS]... <USER> 

  -h <directory>    specify home directory
  -s <shell>        specify shell
  -g <gecos>        specify GECOS stringa.. If I don't use tiny login package, I will be selecting useradd package from admin menu. But I am unable to execute this command since it gives follwing error
      /usr/sbin/groupadd missing..

  a.. Actually I want useradd command similar to linux where more argument are taken, especially I wanted 'user' to be part of more than one group.
can anyone help me out..

thanx in advance,
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