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Bai Shuwei baishuwei at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 13:32:33 EST 2007

    hi, when I boot my system, there are no output on the screen.
I choice the framebuffer and my monitor card is ATI PAGE 128 PCI, qt/e GUI.
When i compile the kernel, the boot logo and aty 128fb has be compiled into
kernel patched with videoboot, and x86emu. The video parameters set:
     video=aty128fb:640x480-16 at 7.
    The kenel can recognize the monitor card, and the frame buffer device
has run.
The output showed below:

    videoboot: Booting PCI video card bus 0, function 0, device 6
   aty128fb: Found Intel x86 BIOS ROM Image
   aty128fb: Rage128 BIOS located
   aty128fb: Rage128 RK PCI [chip rev 0x2] 32M 64-bit SDR SGRAM (2:1)
   fb0: ATY Rage128 frame buffer device on Rage128 RK PCI

My problem is there is no output on the monitor,and cannot see the penguin
boot logo.
I also run a program to test the framebuffer, which can read data from the
fb. After running the qt/e program, which can run scussessfully, there is no
   The test program reading data are showed below;

id = ATY Rage128
depth =  16
smemlen = 33554432
line_length = 0
FB_TYPE_ = 0
type_aux = 0
xpanstep = 8
ypanstep = 1
ywrapstep = 0
mmio_start = bbffc0000d
mmio_len = 8192
accel = 32
xres = 640
yres = 480
xres_virtul = 640
yres_virtul = 480
xoffset = 0
yoffset = 0
bits_per_pixel = 16

         My linux kernel is DENX 2.6.19.

        What can I do to make my system output into monitor.?

best regards!


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Zip Code: 730000
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Email: baishuwei at gmail.com, buroc at 126.com

Tel: +86-931-8912025
Zip Code: 730000
URL: oss.lzu.edu.cn
Email: baishuwei at gmail.com, buroc at 126.com
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